Sunday, August 2, 2009

Finally joining the world of Bloggers

Ok ok...My sister wife/friend/blogger "Led Zeppelin Mama" a.k.a. Joey, has been telling me for years that I need to blog.  I've always felt "No one in their right mind would give a crap about what I have to say."  But that was before I went and got myself a life! 

I've became a super traveler and actually have something to tell everyone about, and making 900 phone calls to fill everyone in has finally sold me on the whole blogging deal.  Let me fill you in...

So about seven months ago the man of my dreams came back into my life and offered up his heart and the chance to move to Spain with him, who wouldn't jump on that opportunity???  This chick is doing it, without a doubt!!!  We've known each other for 15 years, give or take.  We were the best of friends back in jr. high and high school, in fact he took me to his senior prom.  Awe, right?  But somehow we never managed to get the whole dating thing on the table.  Oh well... such is life.  I can say that now without batting an eye due to the fact that "I win" cause I totally have him back in my life now.  

Ok enough gushing about how cute we are.  Anyway, he asked if I would join him on his adventures and of course I said yes!  There was a catch to this whole fairy tale, I had to wait 6 months for him to return from Iraq.  Ok, I can handle that, as long as he comes home.  So I take the six months to take care of my loose strings in the states and live it up a bit with my friends and family before I leave the country for a year and a half.

So the traveling beings.  I started my adventures in AZ, off to UT with Joey for a bit of a road trip.  Back to AZ to keep working for a short amount of time, then off to AK with the fam on a amazing cruise.   It was a blast, even if it was freezing.  Back to AZ to pack all of my belongings then off to NY to check in with the old high school friends.  Then about two weeks ago I headed to NE to await the return of my love.  At the end of this week we head to NY to check in with his fam then off to AZ to check in with mine one last time before leaving the country.  Oh and I have to make a pit stop in Cali to get my visa.  Then it's off to Spain!!! 

I will keep you posted on the happily ever after part but I can assure you it will be!                  


  1. AWE! If that isn't the most tenderoni story ever! Welcome to blogging wife...definitely the best post to start out your blog. I'm a little jealous because my first post was SO not rememberable at all. This one can't be beat. It is a fairy tale friend, Bravo!

    So are you going to email the link to your blog to all your friends and more importantly your families or his I guess I should say to let the relationship cat out of the bag Officially? How cute ;)

    Awesome post, Love you Friend!

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  3. Waiting for a new you leave for Spain soon. Don't you think you should update your blog before you go????

    I miss you already!